Because we take your health personally!

Our focus is to provide healthy nutritious and adapted gourmet -to your door- meals, emphasizing on food sensitivities and special preferences, such as Celiac, diabetes, food allergies, post-surgery, health diets etc.

Putting the client first is our main goal, and we make a point of having a personal and approachable connection to each individual, making the meals and delivering them to your door, from kitchen to home.

In this project, run by Ctrl+ Administrative managment, we have a worldly known executive chef, Sara Black, with 20+ years of experience in the Kosher culinary world. From Israel to Bali to Las Vegas, she has worked with ambassadors, celebrities, Hasidic Chief Rabbis and more.

In addition, here at HealthEat we work closely with a personal nutritionist who takes an active part in creating the perfect fitted menu for your Health and dietary needs.

This way we create the perfect balanced menu and personally adapted Healthy gourmet meals, delivered to your home, right to the door, ready for you to enjoy.

Waiting to hear from you!


Meet Sara Black Charm

Executive Chef & Kosher Culinary Expert

Executive Chef Sara Black has been in the culinary world for 20+ Years. She has traveled the world, experimented and studied Kosher and Non-Kosher gourmet cooking, acquiring the unique ability to convert any style of food into an amazing Kosher Healthy dish!

Sara has a rich experience as a Head Chef of a Jerusalem 5 star hotel. She is the owner and executive chef of Asparagus Catering & KoChef, managing events to create the perfect occasion! 

Sara is well known as a private chef, creating incredible Kosher meals that complete and complement the perfect healthy adjusted meals.

Sara believes that the Jewish world needs quality kosher food without compromises. To that end, Sara spends part of her time practicing nutritious and healthy foods, adjusting specified menus and recipes according to specific food needs, making the world a tastier, healthier, kosher environment.

What I Specialize In

Meet Judy Kizer

Experienced Nutritionist & Wellness Adviser

Judy holds a master’s degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University. Although her training was in traditional dietetics, she has always focused on a more holistic and integrative approach to nutrition and health.

Her approach is individual-centered versus disease-centered and focuses on the whole person and not just on a set of symptoms.

Judy works with the individuals to develop and healthy eating lifestyle that is realistic and practical without extremes.

When she isn’t advising on health she may be found teaching tap dance, choreographing or mothering her three lively sons.

Our Goals

Establish Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Daily stable meals

Spacific food needs

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Menu fitted to medical issues 

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Food Preparation

We Take Your Health Personally

Bali was full of challenges. Between the oven and gas not working properly and despite the limited availability of resources, you were able to present us with a fresh, full and delicious table three times a day!
Thank you again for fueling us daily in Bali. 

S & B, Teaneck, NJ

Best I ever tasted! 
The Chicken soup was terrific, Sushi excellent, spinach excellent, Tongue & Pesto good flavor, Lasagna excellent.
The best gluten-free desserts, period.
With all of my food ristrictions, with your food I feel so much better and healthier.
Thank you!

Hindi K.Jerusalem, IL

When the doctor told me I have Anemia, I was startled and upset. Change all my eating habits? Impossible. I contacted Sara at HealthEat and I dont understand now whyI was so worried!  Sara, those spinach patties were so good, along with all the soups and delicius meals you made me, I already feel so much stronger! You are the best, worth every penny.

A.B., Jerusalem, IL

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