What is a Private Chef and why do we need it?

There are Kosher hotels around the world, why do we need a Private Chef?


We are sure you are familiar with suitcases full of tuna fish cans and instant noodles containers on the family trip, we will save you the lack of nutritious meals. no more tuna sandwiches and energy bars...  the private chef will join you in the house you will be staying at and will prepare real meals during your stay. using the local fruits and vegetables, import meat and dairy products and bring with him/her all of the ingredients to make your food as great as your trip!

Kosher hotels around the world are in specific locations and limit your vacation to a specific destination. Many Kosher families don’t even consider destinations that are Kosherly challenging. A Private Chef will open the possibilities for you, he will focus on the food arrangements and you will focus on enjoying the trip.

Is a Private Chef a luxury not many could afford?



The kitchen and appliances in the vacation house are not Kosher, how could you cook there?

Not really, when families go on vacation, they take food in the suitcases, spend vacation time on finding Kosher supermarkets to buy basic ingredients, and for the hot meals they will travel to the one or two overpriced (underwhelming) Kosher restaurants which are not always a very good experience. When you add up the price with the hassle vs the convenience and the experience of a private Chef, there is nothing to compare.

The Chef will come to the destination home a few days before your family arrives, he will Kosher the kitchen, and go shopping for appliances such as pots and pans, dishes and utensils. just remember, the chef will be taking care of the kitchen with Kosher and delicious food, and will keep it clean and organized and collaborate with the home staff.


We will be coming midnight after a long flight, will we have food waiting for us when we arrive?

The Chef will arrive before the family, Kosher the kitchen, shop for food and by the time your family arrives, the meal will be waiting for you.


Where will the Chef stay during our trip?

The Chef will stay with you at your trip or will be accomodated in a hotel that is within a 10-15 minute walking distance.


How is the menu decided - can we change it?

The chosen Chef for you will talk to you a few weeks prior to the planned trip and will start planning the menu and food arrangements according to your wishes. The Chef is also there for you and once on-site, will listen, adjust and change according to your wishes, cravings and location.

We will have a few full day trips, how can we get food?


During the days of full day trips, the Chef will prepare boxes of pre-made meals so you can open a table anywhere you go.


Is it possible to get meat meals anywhere? How?

It is possible to have a meat during the trip, it depends on the destination, some places are possible to get it in some places across the country, and some need to import. Part of the service is our checking in advance what can we buy locally and what we will have to travel to shop, we will plan the arrival of the Chef and shopping accordingly.

Will the chef be able to accommodate food intolerances?


At the early stage of checking your request, we will be finding out if there are any food allergies, based of that we will find you the right Chef that has experience with such menu and he will build the menu with you.


We are Glatt Kosher, Cholov Yisroel, could you accommodate our needs?

Yes. All of our Chefs on staff understand the Kosher restrictions and are fully aware of the challenge. We are as Kosher as you are!


Will the Chef be able to help with housekeeping or with our children?

The Chef is available for all of your Culinary needs, will keep a Kosher, neat and delicious kitchen and food. The Chef does understand that he/she will be living with you for a while and will smile and help. The chef is not a waiter, cleaner or nanny.