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A private Kosher Chef to accompany you anywhere in the world.

Your Private Chef To Accompany You On Your Trip.

Enjoy KoChef luxury anywhere you go

Exotic Destinations
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Founder & Chef

Chef Sara Black Charm has been in the culinary world for over 15 Years. She has traveled the world, experimenting and studying Kosher and Non-Kosher culinary cooking acquiring the unique ability to convert any style of food into an amazing Kosher dish!​




KoChef is a personalized chef service which enables you to travel to exotic locations you only dreamed of visiting but were restricted because of kosher challenges. You can travel anywhere without compromising on the enjoyment of the local culinary experiences. We source out local ingredients and import what else may be required. KoChef works with you from conception to clean up. Our goal is to open up new horizons to travelers like you and become part of their plans for many other future adventures.


With KoChef, it's like taking a kosher restaurant with you around the world.


We will consult with you to understand your destination, the number of guests as well as your preferences. 


We arrive early to your destination in order prepare, kosher the kitchen and shop for supplies and food. 


Our shopping is focused on getting you local & fresh ingredients  to give you the most genuine experience.


Every meal is planned & prepared for you and your guests. From breakfast to dinner.  We serve and tidy up.